BlackHound™ NG-SOC

Next-Gen Security Operation Center

Focus on Security, building an Intelligence Platform


Next-Gen Security Operation Centre (SOC) involves a collection of an organization’s security tools, infrastructure, people, processes, and practices that focus on detecting cybersecurity events in real-time, 24×7. The objective is to address those events as quickly and effectively as possible. Implementing real SOC involves a huge amount of resources and investment to retain people, up-to-date cybersecurity tools and processes, and sometimes introduced “alert fatigues” whereby security analysts manually analyze thousands of alerts which may also contain alert noise.

Next-Gen Cybersecurity Operations.

Forensic Analysis

Forensic monitoring, investigation, network and endpoint forensic analytics, disk imaging, evidence, retention & reporting.

Cloud & IOT Security

Monitoring cloud and IOT devices, applications hosted on cloud (as per bussiness requirement).

Theat Hunting

Command and control, central monitoring, counter attack, attacking attacker, honeypots, honey nets & decoys

Advance Threat Analysis

Advance data analytics, log monitoring, log retention, event correlation, automation, threat investigation, incident handling, risk management, alerting & reporting

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities scanning, application scanning, passive VA, risk assessment, policy compliance, black box & white box tests.

Cybersecurity Lab

Malware analyzer, sandboxing, API integrations with cloud malware scanners & reverse engineering

Our solution, Next Gen SOC, with fully Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities shall be able to reduce these fatigues and improved accuracy of detecting critical security events, saving huge amount of money due to early and high-fidelity detections and corrective actions.

Method Of Deployment

Cloud Based

Have your deployment ready in our local private cloud. Efficient and costs-saving for early startups.


We have a variations on our how you want to control your data. Store your data on-premise, allowing us to access alerts-only with cloud.


Suitable for large enterprise deployment. Have your data stored locally on your datacenter.