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Sensitive data such as computer credentials need to be safeguarded to prevent unwanted data breaches and minimize cyber-attack either personal and/or business. Statistics from various cybersecurity research had identified that:

Compromised computer credentials become the main driver for ransomware attacks and malicious activities against an organization’s data. Information stealers (malicious software known as info stealers) are typically designed to obtain (that is, access or copy) credentials with functionality beyond basic keylogging.

This could include usernames, passwords, keys, tokens, cookie sessions, and so on. Those stealers boost the malware market. The main challenge is early detection of the event and full, relevant intelligence for a fast remedy.


How Attacker May Gain Your Credential.

An attacker may be using a brute force attack or credential stuffing method. The credential stuffing method becoming more common because the credentials have been leaked through data breaches and posted somewhere on the internet, usually on Dark Web.

Moreover, thousands of data breach incidents had been occurred in the past few decades, making billions of user credentials are now floating around and the likelihood of probably your credentials including usernames and password combinations available to hackers as well. These credentials can be bought online.

The Risk of Data Breach and Compromised Credentials.

The risks associated with compromised credentials attacks are the same as those associated with someone obtaining your credentials for a given account. An ill-intentioned person armed with your valid credentials could:

      • Lock you out of your account.
      • Steal your personal/financial information.
      • Deface your account/page.
      • Modify your information.
      • Make purchases in your name.
      • Shut down your account.
      • Sell your credentials on the dark web.
      • Send messages in your name (if it’s an email or messaging account).
      • And many more.

Our solutions

Tailored made. Matches What You Needs.

BlackHound™ Detective provides extremely fast detection of compromised machine credentials information for enterprises, MSSPs, and government entities. Such rapid detection dramatically reduces the probability of being assaulted by ransomware attacks, data fraud, and internal damages.

BlackHound™ Detective covers complete data on the compromised machine, all the affected services, and all additional data that was compromised like passwords, cookies, files, forensics data, and many more.

Our tailored threat intelligence solution leverages automation and domain experts to identify weak spots and vulnerabilities in the enterprise community, including personnel, suppliers, and customers, in places others cannot find.

The proactive solution enables customers to be one step ahead of attackers and able to act fast when a compromise appears, hence uprooting attacks, in their early-stage, before any damage occurs.

BlackHound™ Detective Features

Compromised Event 24-hour Detection

Full Machine Compromised Data

Machine Forensic/IR Information

Wide Forums Threat Intelligence

Integration with BlackHound™ AiXDR