BlackHound™ AiXDR

Artificial Intelligence Empowers.

With cyberattack diversity increasing and your environment constantly evolving, keeping your organization secure has never been more challenging. To combat these challenges, lean security teams need a better, faster way to detect,investigate, and irradicate threats.

BlackHound™ AiXDR Core Capabilities

Ultra-Flexible Data Sourcing

Incorporate data from any existing security control, IT, and productivity tool into the BlackHound™ AiXDR using pre-built integrations with no human intervention.

Multi-Modal Threat Detection Engine

Identifies complex threats using a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning and automated threat hunting to deliver the most comprehensive view of threats possible.

Sensor-Driven Data Colletion

Use the proprietary BlackHound™ AiXDR sensors to collect raw network telemetry and log data to identify additional threats not seen by your existing security stack.

Machine Learning Correlation

Using graph machine learning techniques, seemingly disparate alerts are combined into incidents providing security analysts with contextualized and prioritized threats to investigate.

Purpose-Built Data Normalization and Enrichment

Data from any source is automatically normalized and enriched with context such as threat intelligence, user information, asset information, GEO location by BlackHound™ AiXDR to enable comprehensive, scalable data analysis.

Guided Investigations

Correlated incidents include the underlying data and context a security analyst needs to complete investigations fast, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Automated Threat Hunting

Using easy-to-understand querying formats security analysts can create customized threat hunts that can be run ad-hoc or on a set schedule.

Deterministic Incident Response

Using pre-defined response actions or customizable response playbooks,
security analysts can take decisive response actions manually or fully automate responses on the same platform.

The All-in-One SecOps Platform

Unified, Simplified, Automated, Artificial Intelligence

BlackHound™ AiXDR Capabilities.


Ingests, normalizes, and enriches all your security data, including endpoints, network, cloud, and logs into a single repository.


Automatically detects and correlates alerts using a proprietary multi-modal threat detection engine driven by machine learning.


Accelerates threat investigations and threat hunting with contextual data and correlated incidents.


Provides automated and manual response actions in real-time.

BlackHound™ AiXDR Benefits.


Enhanced visibility reduces the risk of widescale, damaging breach.


Dramatic increase in security analysts productivity and efficiency.


Reduce attacker dwell time, minimizing attack impact.


Improve ROI of your existing security stack investment.

Behind The Technology

Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence.

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