Big Data Analytics

Uncover Hidden Patterns, Correlations & Other Insights.

Big data analytics in general, is the process of collecting, examining, and analysing large amounts of data to discover trends, insights, and patterns that can help companies make better business decisions. This information is available quickly and efficiently so that companies can be agile in crafting plans to maintain their competitive advantage.

Let BlackHound™ self-manage data analytic and our team take care of cyber security so you can focus on your business without interruptions.

Some Features of BlackHound™ Big Data Analytics

Faster Response by leveraging modern data lake design allowing alerts, threat hunting and resolve incidents in minutes not weeks or months.

Scalable Data Lake with unlimited volume to ensure all sources of data from other storages, containers, databases, systems and so on be able to be ingested allowing greater visibility in your environment thus eliminating blind spots.

Open Architecture of data access through User Interface (UI) via rich set of APIs for integration with other tools such as SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) or to send data to object storage or legacy SIEM.