Introducing  AiXDR, our security platform that combines SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, EBA, NDR, TIP and XDR in a single solution; pair with advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide automated meaningful and pinpoint accuracy for cyber security discoveries. So, you can focus on growing your business(es) and/or organization(s) whilst we take care of the rest.

Right Under The Hood

BlackHound™ AiXDR is ready with thousands of integrations. All your investments, have full visibility.

Integrations For All Of Your Tools

Stream logs and connect to APIs to get full visibility. Automate response through integrations to close the loop. BlackHound™ AiXDR open architecture makes it interoperable at any enterprise.

BlackHound™ NG-SOC

(Next-Gen Security Operation Centre)

The current model for cyber security is broken. Deploying a lot of stand-alone tools, each with its own console, to analyze logs or traffic and detect anomalies that could be threats. Enterprises create complex security stacks consisting of SIEM, SOAR, EDR, NDR and more. Security analyst to communicate with other analysts to determine whether each tool’s individual detection can correlate with other detections from other tools to reveal a complex attack. Separate native security stacks by different individual vendors work in silos, which may create “alert fatigue”.

BlackHound™ Detective

BlackHound™ Detective provides extremely fast detection of compromised machine credentials information for enterprise, MSSPs and government entities.

BlackHound™ SOC-IDB

Introducing Blackhound™ SOC-IDB (In-The-Box), an entry level for end point detection and response specially packaged for SME and companies which focus on cyber security discovery to start with. Start small and grow on your needs.

AI That Delivers.

AI that works out of the box. Detections generate based off raw Interflow, for the highest fidelity Alerts. Alerts correlate together into Incidents automatically, so you can see the full picture.

Successful Implementation